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Reasons to invest in Puerto Escondido


Written by Paola Méndez

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Puerto Escondido, is one of the beach destinations, located on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, has much to offer for tourists who need a place to vacation and for people looking to connect with nature and enjoy a place that offers tranquility, peace, and harmony, making it an excellent option to invest and get a better quality of life.

¿Why to invest in Puerto Escondido?
1. It is a tourist jewel to be discovered

Invest in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a beach town, recognized as a diamond in the rough in the world of tourism, being a newly discovered destination with little commercial exploitation. This means that residents of Puerto Escondido will be able to surround themselves with a bohemian tourist atmosphere and natural spaces that will create a magical environment.

So, if you are looking for a real estate investment, Puerto Escondido is the ideal place.

2. Has beautiful beaches

Within Puerto Escondido, there is a chain of beautiful beaches, which vary in color, waves, and activities to do. Among these beaches we find:

Bacocho Beach. It is one of the longest and calmest beaches in the area, with warm, deep blue waters, strong waves (ideal for surfing worldwide), and beautiful grayish sand. Ideal for quiet walks in the company of spectacular sunsets.

 Invest in Puerto Escondido |  Bacocho Beach

Coral Beach. Considered a secret beach, it has beautiful turquoise blue waters with a calm tide and spectacular vegetation.

It is an ideal beach for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.

 Invest in Puerto Escondido |  Coral Beach

Carrizalillo Beach. It is a beautiful beach, with blue-green waters, low tide, and mangroves, because of this it is a good option for diving, snorkeling, or just spending an incredible afternoon with a couple.

Furthermore, near the beach, there are several options of restaurants with great gastronomic offers…

Invest in Puerto Escondido |  Carrizalillo Beach

Puerto Angelito Beach. It has fine white sand, shallow, temperate, crystalline, and greenish-blue waters, considered a natural area for snorkeling and swimming, with beautiful underwater landscapes composed of flora, fauna, and rocky bottoms.

This beach is predominantly visited by tourists, especially during the vacation season.

Invest in Puerto Escondido |  Puerto Angelito Beach

Manzanillo Beach. It is an ideal beach for swimming, diving, or snorkeling, thanks to its shallow waters and moderate waves. It has beautiful warm green waters and fine white sand.

 Invest in Puerto Escondido |  Manzanillo Beach

Bahía Principal. It has a warm temperature and regular waves, it is possible to see boats for a tour or sport fishing, among the species that can be caught are roosterfish, dorado, marlin, and sailfish.

Invest in Puerto Escondido | Bahía Principal

Zicatela Beach. It is an open sea beach known worldwide for surfing, with warm and crystalline waters and a swell that reaches 6 meters high.

It has a promenade with restaurants, bars, and other places to spend incredible mornings and afternoons, both for people coming from other parts of the country and for international visitors.

 Invest in Puerto Escondido | Zicatela Beach

3. Excellent weather all year

Invest in Puerto Escondido

The weather is another of the great attractions of Puerto Escondido since it has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 80° F throughout the year, clear skies and a humidity of 84%. The swell on its beaches is moderate, being Zicatela beach the exception, so you will have the ideal vacation home.

4. Wide gastronomic offer

Invest in Puerto Escondido | Gastronomy in Puerto Escondido

Nowadays Puerto Escondido, one of the destinations in Mexico, is also known for its great gastronomic offer, which can be found in the popular markets and restaurants in the area, with a wide variety of national and international cuisine, being fish and seafood the dishes par excellence, thanks to the fact that it is a land of fishermen. There is nothing like enjoying a good dish with a cold drink.

Among the most popular places for lunch, breakfast or dinner are:

  1. Benito Juárez Market
  2. Terraza Moli
  3. Los Erizos Seafood Restaurant
  4. El Bunker de JP
  5. Filomena
  6. El Nene Grill
  7. El Sultán
  8. Almoraduz
  9. Palma Negra Ice Cream
  10. La Morena
  11. Espadín Restaurant
  12. La Principal Cantina de Mar
  13. Santa Fe Restaurant
  14. Agua Salá
  15. El Cafecito
  16. Bananas
  17. La Punta Food Market
  18. Persia
  19. Piyoli Punta Zicatela
  20. Lychee
  21. Café Olé
5. It is a growing city

 Invest in Puerto Escondido

As a growing city, both the tourism and real estate markets benefit. On the one hand, this destination harbors new adventures to experience every day, from hidden natural sites to unparalleled cuisine.

On the other hand, the real estate supply enjoys an ideal scenario of high demand and limited supply. Allowing the local and international real estate market to grow positively.

6. Real estate offer with increasing value

Invest in Puerto Escondido

If you living in Mexico or come from abroad, you should know that the real estate market in Puerto Escondido offers excellent investment options, thanks to the fact that the housing offer works as an ideal vacation destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

In the last five years, real estate investments in Puerto Escondido exceeded 10% annually and stock market investments, 4.6%. This means that real estate in this destination enjoys a growing demand, which allows it to have a high capital gain value.

7. It is an ideal retirement destination

Invest in Puerto Escondido  | A place to retire

Last but not least, Puerto Escondido is one of the best places to retire, as it is a paradise for this stage of life for several reasons, on the one hand, the sea, the weather, and the sea breeze are excellent factors to improving physical and mental health.

Furthermore, in Puerto Escondido, you can find the calm, peace, and harmony you need to get away from the noise and activity of the city, which will allow you to lead a better lifestyle.

8. Invest in Puerto Escondido is an excellent option

Invest in Puerto Escondido | OXEAN

Are you ready to invest in Puerto Escondido? 

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