Health benefits of living by the sea

Benefits of living by the sea


Besides being an excellent option for relaxation and rest, living by the sea offers extraordinary benefits for our mental and physical health, so if you are looking for your second- home, this becomes the best investment idea. 

Here are some of the most interesting benefits that will have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle.

1. Improves respiratory problems

Health benefits of living by the sea

Furthermore, to provide you with better sleep, the sea breeze is usually rich in iodine and contains sea salts, which work as excellent nasal decongestants and can help you fight chronic problems such as sinusitis or asthma.

Thus, living near the sea becomes a good option to free your lungs from toxins or agents that can cause these complications in the respiratory system and help you feel good.

2. Improves the immune systems

Health benefits of living by the sea

Iodine is a micromineral found in seaweed, foods such as fish and shellfish, some plants and even iodized salt (from seawater). 

It plays an important role in helping our immune system fight viruses and bacteria (which cause various diseases and infections) and works as a good antiseptic, therefore if your body contains optimal levels of iodine it will result in better health.

3. Stabilizes blood pressure

Health benefits of living by the sea

Blood pressure usually increases with age, so living in places with high altitudes will significantly affect your health because there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood that causes dizziness and hypertension, among other symptoms. 

In this way, living at sea level can cause the opposite effect in the human body, i.e., provide a better heart rate and greater oxygenation of organs and tissues by lowering blood pressure or blood pressure.

4. Helps metabolism

Health benefits of living by the sea

As mentioned before, iodine has great health benefits, being a better metabolic functioning one of them, since our body needs this mineral for the production of thyroid hormones in charge of controlling our metabolism.

Should be recalled that iodine is found naturally in some seafood and in iodized salt too.

5. Improves skin appearance

Health benefits of living by the sea

Seawater contains a high concentration of mineral salts that have a positive impact on improving the appearance of atopic skin, i.e. skin that tends to dry out or become easily irritated, as they act as natural exfoliants to eliminate toxins.

In addition, seawater is rich in vitamins and has antiseptic properties ideal for healing wounds and rashes, and amino acids that help skin regeneration.

People who live in the sea can consider among its benefits, that the combination of water with limited sun exposure, favors the production of vitamin D, ideal for improving the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

6. Reduces stress

Health benefits of living by the sea

It´s true that most people opt for the waves of the sea to spend a moment of tranquility and rest, the reason is that nature and the sounds of the sea help reduce stress and tension levels that are generated by routine tasks or living in places with a lot of noise pollution, as is the case of big cities.

In addition, the sea breeze contains negative ions, that are molecules absorbed by the skin and breathing which contributes to increase the levels of serotonin (the hormone that regulates stress) and further contributes to achieving the ideal relaxation and reducing anxiety in the body.

7. Protects against cardiovascular problems

Health benefits of living by the sea

Living near the beach brings great benefits to the cardiovascular system or to people suffering from heart disease, for example, increasing physical activity with a morning walk can help improve circulation (it is advisable to do it early in the day to avoid heat stroke which could be counterproductive). In addition, walking barefoot in the sand can produce a relaxing effect and help reduce stress.

In the afternoon, you can take a light sunbath (5 to 10 minutes), this is recommended thanks to the amount of vitamin D it provides, as this vitamin helps prevent hypertension or a heart attack.

8. Live by the sea at OXEAN

Health benefits of living by the sea

OXEAN is a development located in Playa Bacocho in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, considered a jewel of the Pacific Ocean and distinguished by the cleanliness of its beaches, beautiful views, gray sands and warm blue waters.

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OXEAN is an excellent option to make it your second-home, not only for its magnificent design, but also for its location near the sea, helping to improve and maintain your lifestyle and health.

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