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Tips for investing in real estate, your condo at the beach


Investing in real estate is a way to secure your money and your future, however, you must take into account some factors that will help you make a convenient investment, especially when we talk about real estate located on the beach.

There are factors such as location, connectivity, services, and amenities, among others, that will be key when investing in a property.

If you are thinking of investing in a property near the beach, but do not know where to start, here are some tips that can help you make the right decision.

Why invest in real estate? 

Because it is a safe form of investment that will provide significant benefits, among them:

Return on investment. It will depend on factors such as location, quality of property, appreciation, and amenities.

Security. Real estate is usually a safe and low-risk investment if the right choice is done. For example, Forbes magazine says “If the right choice is made (in the investment), the advantage is to obtain profits of up to 30% in an average period of three years”.

Support for your finances. Thanks to the capital gain that real estate acquires over time, it is possible for it to function as a passive income.

Plan your investment objective 

For real estate investors, it is important that in addition to the budget, you also define the use you will give to the property acquired, that is, if you are going to use it to live in, as a second home, for your retirement, as rental property or even to sell in the future.

Think long term 

One of the mistakes in the real estate market is that people expect an immediate return on investment, but most properties begin to generate income over time.

That is why it is important that you take into account the location and characteristics of the area to ensure capital gain, profitability and return on investment.

A good investor is one who has a long-term vision and takes advantage of opportunities such as pre-sales, discounts and payment facilities without leaving aside that the benefits can come immediately or take years.

Investigates real estate developers 

To successfully carry out your real estate investment, it is important that you know the team behind the project you are interested.

Solve your doubts about the legal processes you need to do for the contract, the delivery time, payment schemes and guarantees.

Take into account location and capital gain 

If you are going to buy a property, remember to take into account its location and characteristics, if it is a safe area, if it has basic services (transportation, electricity, internet, water), and the activities that can be carried out around it (entertainment, sports, cultural).

If we are talking about a beach property, you should consider aspects such as whether there is a nearby tourist area, beaches, archaeological or historical sites.

All this will eventually generate surplus value, which is the increase in value of a property over time and will depend, among other things, on the area in which it is located.

In Mexico, places such as Yucatan, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, CDMX, Quintana Roo, and Oaxaca have positioned themselves as alternatives for investment in the real estate sector, thanks to the standard of living they offer, the fact that they are areas in economic growth and the rate of tourist attendance.

Consider access and connectivity 

Acquiring a property that has access to main roads, means of transportation, services and connectivity to places such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers and recreational areas will benefit the capital gain, but also the demand for the property and the lifestyle that you will be able to lead.

Analyze the amenities 

The amenities that a property has will also influence its added value, well-being, comfort, and quality of life of its residents, functioning as a purchase attraction.

Areas such as gyms, swimming pools, jacuzzis, pet areas, bars, lounges, coworking, kids rooms, parks, etc., are some of the most attractive amenities, especially for those who are looking for a quiet and pleasant life in their own home. 

If you are going to invest in real estate on the beach, choose a property that has unique amenities and that goes ad hoc with the type of property, for example, the residential OXEAN, located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, offers amenities such as a pool with bar, rooftop, lounge bar, gym, jacuzzi, kids room, lobby lounge, among others.

Take advantage of pre-sale 

In the real estate market, acquiring a pre-sale property can be an excellent purchase option since it usually offers benefits such as:

  • Lower prices than in the sale stage
  • Possibility of choosing the location of your apartment or house.
  • Flexible payment schemes
  • Security of obtaining a higher return on investment

Take into account the investment costs 

The process of buying a property includes several costs and procedures that must be considered, where both the seller and the new owner participate. The purpose is that there is transparency and legality in the process.

It is normal that beginners in real estate do not include these documents and procedures, which can have an approximate cost in Mexico of 8% of the capital necessary for the investment. 

The most common costs are:

Deed costs. Documents related to the transaction, such as registration procedures and notary fees.

Financing costs. These are the costs associated with the use of financial products to acquire the property and will depend on the financial institution and the interest rates charged.

Seller’s costs: These may include some taxes and the seller’s commission.

Buyer’s costs: These costs arise when the property is already in your name, such as insurance.

Investing in real estate in Puerto Escondido

Now it is possible investing in real estate on the beach in OXEAN, the gated community located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. 

Puerto Escondido is a city on the coast of the Mexican Pacific Ocean that combines a millennial gastronomy, landscapes composed of beautiful sunsets, blue waters, multicolored sands and an authentic cultural experience.

By investing in OXEAN you will enjoy all the benefits that Puerto Escondido has to offer plus all the benefits of the residential complex such as:

  • Apartments from 291 sq. ft.
  • View and direct access to the sea
  • Terrace on all levels
  • Excellent amenities and services
  • Security access 
  • A natural environment every day

Contact us at +52 951-583-1711 and find out all the details about OXEAN.

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