Sustainable development

A sustainable development in Puerto Escondido


When thinking about investing in a place to rest, we often look for certain differentiators and amenities that provide comfort, peacefulness and, of course, a good rest environment.

Oxean is a development designed to cover all these aspects, and it has also been conceived as an environmentally friendly project, where each space has been created taking the environment into account, so we can assure that investing in Oxean is your best option.

“The project is designed to

promote energy savings” 

For all these reasons, we present the features that make OXEAN a sustainable project.

  1. Up to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is designed to promote energy savings thanks to the following guidelines: 

  • The use of VRV equipment in air conditioning, which have the characteristic of consuming energy according to its use, with savings of up to 80% for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).
  • Use of LED lighting with low energy consumption and long life.
  • Rainwater collection and reuse for irrigation of green areas.
  • It will have its own rainwater treatment plant to prevent deterioration of the marine environment. 
  1. Use of natural light and ventilation

Oxean’s construction is based on maximizing the use of sunlight and natural ventilation in each of the apartments and common areas. Implementing front gates and windows in the back to generate cross ventilation in the apartments, and lattices in the common areas.

  1. Doesn’t interfere with the ecosystem

SEMARNAT’s recommendations have been taken into account so that the development does not modify the natural environment of the area.

  1. Use of recyclable materials

This is one of Oxean’s most important sustainability strengths, since its design will make use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which also aim to extend the building’s useful life and pollute as little as possible.

  • To not affect the environment with chemicals and to reduce maintenance, aint will not be used .
  • In the facade, composite wood for exteriors New Tech Wood, which is a combination of 95% recycled material will be used.

“its design will make use of recyclable and

environmentally friendly materials”

  1. Use of plants with moderate irrigation

The use of low water consumption plants and trees, planted strategically to help cool the buildings in summer has been considered for the gardens.

In addition, the project will have 7 green areas, made up of local plants, which have the advantage of requiring moderate irrigation and, thanks to the year’s rainfall, are self-sufficient in irrigation.

  1. Waste reduction

Planning for the reduction of waste from the development will help to ensure that there is no negative impact on the environment, so this action has been considered both at the time of construction and operation.

“Investing in Oxean means investing

 in a sustainable development”

During construction: 

  • The site will be irrigated with water to minimize dust emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Solid urban waste will be stored and delivered to the municipal cleanup system.

During operation:

  • The project has a wastewater collection re-pumping sump, which is connected to the municipal drainage system for proper treatment.
  • Organic and inorganic waste will be collected daily by the municipal cleaning service.

OXEAN Commitment

OXEAN is a place designed to function as a Condo-Hotel, with luxury standards and amenities.

OXEN’s commitment to the community is to proactively participate in the diverse activities that benefit the integral development of Puerto Escondido, as well as to join causes in favor of the ecosystems defense, beaches maintenance and any other activity related to the natural environment conservation.

Investing in Oxean means investing in a sustainable development, where you can enjoy not only its wonderful spaces, nature and landscapes (due to its location in Puerto Escondido), but also the peace of mind and security that, by acquiring your space, you will also be contributing to the protection of the environment. 

Get more information about this sustainable development at: 📲 https://bit.ly/2TLhju9 

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